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Gmax testing in Blairsville, Georgia

Gmax testing has become universally recognised as a vital test in respect to player safety on artificial turf. Surface Performance offer gmax testing in Blairsville, Georgia to ensure all pitches are meeting ASTM F355 standards.

Gmax shows the magnitude of force during an impact. A surface with high Gmax measurements absorb less force, therefore a player colliding with the surface will sustain more force upon impact, increasing the likelihood of injury. At Surface Performance we have state of the art Gmax equipment to provide the most accurate data.

Gmax ratings may change over time as a result of infill displacement, turf fibre wear and infill compaction. It is therefore important to have surfaces tested at least twice a year. Contact us using the form below to find out more about testing in Blairsville, Georgia or to schedule a test today.


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