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Gmax field safety testing in Golden, Colorado

Gmax testing has become universally recognised as a key test to indicate player safety on artificial turf. Surface Performance offer gmax testing in Golden, Colorado, to ensure all pitches are meeting ASTM F355 standards.

Gmax testing uses a 20lb, cylindrical weight, dropped from 24inches to measure how many G’s of force a surface absorbs upon impact and therefore how much force is returned to the athlete. Surface Performance accredited engineers carry out Gmax testing to ASTM F355 & F1936 standards which stipulate that any field with a Gmax rating over over 200G’s is deemed unsafe for use.

As well as measuring the shock absorption qualities of a surface, Gmax testing can also highlight issues with the pitch prior to them becoming visible. It is therefore recommended that testing be carried out biannually for most effective management.

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