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ASTM F355 Gmax testing in Cocoa-Rockledge, Florida

Gmax and HIC testing in Cocoa-Rockledge, Florida are designed to ensure artificial pitches are performing to a high standard in respect to impact attenuation/shock absorption. This focuses on the hardness of the surface by measuring the magnitude of force a surface returns to a player upon impact. If this force is too great, according to ASTM F1936 (+200g’s) then the surface may be deemed unsafe for use.

Unlike natural turf, artificial turf doesn’t show visible signs of damage/wear until it’s too late. Surface Performance Gmax testing can flag up any issues whilst repairs are possible, it is advised to have testing carried out at least once per year.

To schedule your annual gmax and HIC test in Cocoa-Rockledge, Florida you can contact our local team below who’d be happy to help.

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