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Gmax field safety testing in Concord, California

Surface Performance are global experts in the testing and certification or artificial and natural sports surfaces. Our strategically located offices allow us to offer highly competitive Gmax testing in Concord, California.

Gmax testing is now an imperative test for those responsible for maintaining a safe pitch for their athletes. Surface Performance use a state of the art ASTM F355 A-Missile to measure the gmax rating of a field, testing is carried out to test method ASTM F355 and to ASTM Standard F1936.

These standards stipulate that Gmax results should be below 200g’s, otherwise the surface’s impact is so low and likelihood of injury to players is too high.

Many factors contribute to the Gmax rating on a playing surface. These factors can quickly change making a surface unsafe for use. It is therefore recommended to carry out Gmax testing at least once per year.

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