Gmax Testing | Valley City

Gmax impact testing in Valley City, North Dakota to ASTM F1936

Gmax testing has become universally recognized as a vital test to include in pitch maintenance in respect to player safety on artificial turf. Surface Performance offer gmax testing in Valley City, North Dakota to ensure all pitches are meeting ASTM F1936 standards and are therefore safe for use.

Gmax, or impact testing, is a measurement of the hardness of the surface. Calculated by dropping a 20lb flat A-Missile on the surface which measures the magnitude of force the surface is capable of absorbing and what is returned to the users during collisions – this data is reported in a G-Force/Gmax ratings which need to be below 200G’s to comply with F1936. You can schedule a HIC and gmax test for competitive rates in Valley City, North Dakota via the below form.

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