Gmax Testing | Demopolis

Gmax & HIC testing in Demopolis, Alabama

Surface Performance carry out Gmax testing in Dempolis, Alabama to ascertain if the surfaces are within the safety requirements set out in standards ASTM F355 & ASTM F1936. These are most recognised standards surrounding impact attenuation in the USA. These standards state the playing surfaces must have a Gmax reading lower than 200g’s to ensure risk of player injury as a result of impact is acceptably low.

Gmax testing is designed to replicate the impact of a players torso as it strikes the surface. Surface Performance also carry out HIC testing, this is internationally recognised test for head injuries. These tests combine to give an accurate measurement of the surface safety.

If you are looking to have Gmax and/or Clegg testing carried out in Demopolis, Alabama please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below.

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