Gmax Testing | Lompoc

Gmax testing in Lompoc, California using a F355 A-Missile

Using our specialist F355 A-Missile, Surface Performance trained technicians carry out gmax testing in Lompoc, California to ASTM test method F355.

The A-Missile is a 20lb, cylindrical weight which is dropped from 24inches across 10 testing locations on the field. The integrated accelerometer measures the g-forces exerted on the missile upon impact. This shows the impact attenuation of the surface and, in turn measures the impact a player would be subject to upon colliding with the surface. If this force is too high (+200g’s) then ASTM would deem the surface unfit for use.

To have your artificial or natural pitch testing in Lompoc, California you can contact one our team here and we’d be happy to assist.

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