Gmax Testing | Phenix City

AAA, Gmax & HIC testing on 3G Pitches in Phenix City, Alabama

Surface Performance offer a range of safety & performance testing on artificial pitches in Phenix City, Alabama to ensure your facility is fit for use and is in line with ASTM F355 & F1936.

Gmax testing is now the most recognised test relating to player safety on artificial surfaces. Gmax testing replicates the impact exerted on an athlete when they come into contact with the surface. This impact is measured in G-force, a pitch with a higher rating than 200g’s is regarded too hard and therefore unsafe.

Following the Gmax testing in Phenix Ciry, Alabama, Surface Performance will analyse the results and provide a full in depth report into Gmax values and surface condition. This will give a good indication of the effectiveness of the current maintenance methods and life span of the surface.

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