Gmax Testing | Dunkirk

Gmax (Impact Attenuation testing) in Dunkirk, New York

G-Max testing is the standard method developed by ASTM for measuring the shock attenuation of synthetic turf fields. Impact testing of synthetic turf is fundamental as values directly relate to the safety of the playing surface. Higher G-max values indicate harder playing surfaces, leading to higher probability of concussions and other injuries from impacting the surface. The ASTM has established a G-Max value of 200 as the maximum allowable limit, however ideal conditions should never exceed 165 at any location on the field.

HIC and G-Max testing is available in Dunkirk, New York, carried out in line with ASTM test method F355 to ensure the surface complies with ASTM standard F1936. You can schedule a gmax test using the form below.

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