Gmax Testing | Vail

Gmax testing in Vail, Colorado to test method ASTM F355

If you are responsible for maintaining an artificial or natural playing surface in Vail, Colorado and require gmax and HIC testing to ASTM F1936 you can contact our local team here.

With concussions a hot topic lately, gmax and HIC testing have become recognised as fundamental tests to have carried out to monitor player safety. By replicating the impact and forces created when a player collides with the surface we can measure the force absorbed by a players head (HIC) or torso (gmax). This is directly relatable to the level of risk of said player incurring a injury/concussion.

ASTM require no surface have a gmax rating of above 200g’s in any of the 10 testing locations to be deemed safe for use.

If you have any questions regarding gmax testing in Vail, Colorado don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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