Gmax Testing | Cullman

Gmax safety and performance testing in Cullman, Alabama

Surface Performance carry out Gmax testing in Cullman, Alabama to ASTM F355 and ASTM specification F1936. This testing should be carried out annually to monitor the condition and safety of the playing surface.

Impact testing, more commonly referred to as Gmax testing, measures the shock attenuation of sports surfaces. This test can be carried out on both artificial and natural playing surfaces. Surfaces with high Gmax results absorb less force. This results in more force exerted on the player, increasing the chances of injury.

Surface Performance Ltd carry out Gmax testing in Cullman, Alabama using the ASTM F355 missile measurement tester. Our qualified technicians drop a 20lb missile on the surface, the integrated accelerometer measures the impact attenuation of the playing surface. ASTM F355 states that any surface with results in excess of 200g’s are deemed unsafe for use.

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