Gmax Testing | Colorado

Gmax, HIC & Clegg testing available in Colorado to ASTM Standard F1936

Surface Performance are an independent testing laboratory offering a state of the art gmax testing service in Colorado and throughout America.

Gmax and HIC testing have become universally recognised as fundamental tests to monitor player safety. Testing is designed to replicate the impact between player and surface, whether that be with their torso (gmax) or head (HIC). By measuring the magnitude of force a player would absorb upon contact, we can determine the risks involved of incurring injury/concussion.

Many factors of the turf system contribute to the gmax and HIC rating, these factors can change over a short space of time, it is therefore important to have gmax and HIC tests carried out biannually.

To arrange a gmax or HIC test in Colorado you can contact one of our team using the form below and we’d be happy to help.

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